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– Great Earning Potential!
– Beautiful Alaska Scenery
– Meet New Friends
– An Unforgettable Adventure
– Male or Female
– No Previous Experience Required for Many Positions
– Seasonal or Year-round Positions
– Alaska cruise ship and tourism employment, too!

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  • – Great Earning Potential!
  • – Beautiful Alaska Scenery
  • – Meet New Friends
  • – An Unforgettable Adventure
  • – Male or Female
  • – No Previous Experience Required for Many Positions
  • – Seasonal or Year-round Positions
  • – Alaska cruise ship and tourism employment, too!

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  • jonathan says:


    Im a chef looking for job. Im from sweden and currently working on a ropax boat for the company Stena line. / regards

  • Marcus Millikan says:

    Live in northern Minnesota, i would love to make an living in the fishing industry..
    Hard work is all ive ever known, when i am not working i am bowhunting or fishing/icefishing. I went to school for welding right out of high school and have welded most of my life, the last 5 year’s have mostly tried to make an living with blacksmithing but unfortunately havent been able to get an blacksmithing buisness off the ground. I cook pretty well and can turn just about any leftovers into some tasty mexican food.. I would love an opportunity at working on an vessel catching halibut.. Any help in a direction toward this would greatly appreciated.. Thank you

  • Im seeking a job on a both im willing to, go today if your call for me to come,i know alot about the water,i firsh for a living ,i would like to do the kingcawber both if thay have one open?im 31years old one son,i meed worl to take care of my son?#1-225-733-3005,ask for donald?

  • I would love to have a chance to go crabbing in the Berin sea I have been on the boat fishing off shore a little bite …thank you for your time would love to have a chance …I am 33 years old and have a family to take care of

  • Syed thajuddin says:

    Hi i am syed from india but i too interested to do work in fishing and i work hard company can give oppurtunity to me

  • I’ve walked from Mississippi to paragould AR I’m in a homeless shelter right now trying to make my way to Alaska..I need help but im trying to get 662-882-2898 Sam Hopkins or email me at hopkinssam569@gmail.com

  • nunzio di stefano says:

    Ho 41anni, sono siciliano, adoro il mare non ho grande esperienza di pesca ma tantissimo di freddo, vorrei trovare un lavoro stagionale partenza immediata.parlo l inglese livello scolastico.

  • Angela Turco says:

    Scusate se disturbo
    Sono una madre di 37, non ho asperienza nella pesca ne con la lingua inglese ma sono una grande lavoratrice con tanta di fare nuove esperienze, anche se ho due figli posso spostarmi ovunque (ho chi pensa a loro) volevo sapere se ci sono possibilità per me
    Grazie in ogni caso


    Hello i am looking for a deckhand job i have no prior experience but am willing to learn. I learn very quickly and can start right away just need the chance. you can contact me at eblagburn@gmail.com will do anything to work in Alaska

  • Enrico Ferraro says:

    Hi my name is Enrico, I’m Italian, I’m thirty and I’m trying to find my life’s work. Not in Italy, because my country was detroyed by politicians. I live in Fiumicino (Rome) in front of the sea; I’m fisherman (mostly in summer) and Chef in Winter.
    Best regards.


  • Anton says:

    Hola me interest trabajo en Alaska puedo trabajar las 24 horas del dia sin dormir los 7 dias a la semana contact me

  • Tyler Curtis says:

    Hello my name is tyler… I grew up on the water and started teaching sailing at 15. I taught racing and basics for 6 years. I worked on a catamaran in costa rica for a year and did expedition sailing in the sea of cortez for 3 months. I have experience with fish but not the industry. I am a hard worker and follow direction with a yes captain attitude. Id love to get out there and learn the ropes.
    Tyler Curtis

  • Joshua Carroll says:

    I’m looking for a job on a commercial vessel for the 2019 season. I’m 31, have a strong, devoted work ethic, and can relocate as soon as I’m told to. Please contact me asap. Thanks.

  • Jason says:

    Hello I am looking for a deckhand job I’ve been tending for the past 3 years and I want to move up. I am a hard worker and I like to get along with othersand I like to experience new things. I am a drug-free person. Honestly I’m just trying to get paid work hard and have money to pay my bills. Thank you.

  • Jason says:

    My phone number is area code 208-309-8016

  • Chris gibner says:

    Hi, my name is Chris I have been wanting to do crab fishing for a long time since I started watching the TV show I have no experience but am a fast learner and a hard worker I would love to meet new friends and catch some big crab

  • Rahul markam says:

    Praise the Lord fishing company, my name is Rahul markam and I m from india, I want to do job in fishing company, I m fresher for this job, so kindle I request you whn you have any job for me pls contact me this no. 7470832233

  • George Foster says:

    Have family I gotta make ends meet for,the work and hard labor is not a problem at all.Im salty and more than welcome a challenge.Learn very fast,and competition is welcomed.

  • Eric Bell says:

    I am 32 years old, I am drug free, take pride in my work, have a clean background, have a clean driving record, and live an honest life. I would like to work in Alaska for a multitude of reasons, most of which is to make honest money. “Dirty hands, clean money” is my motto, and I won’t let my future employer down. My number is 321-350-2896 and I’m ready to start immediately.

  • Sergei Mckinney says:

    I’m Sergei Mckimney, I worked on a lineboat or bardge boat. I really have been interested in working on a fishing boat for quite a while. If I can get a chance to work with the fishing boat team I will work hard and wont quit and have a good time. It will be a dream come true if I can work on the fishing boat crew team.

    Mckinney, Sergei

  • Thomas Humphrey says:

    Hi I live in Louisiana and have been working on tug boats in the barge industry. I am interested in moving to Alaska and getting a start in the fishing industry. If anyone has any leads to a place to start looking please contact me. thank you

  • dadvide dinardo says:

    hello i am an italian man i would like to make a work season fishing there in Alaska i wanna have that experience i am a good worker and i have to learn all i can for get better my job if anyone can help me to find a job there please contac me thank you so much


    i am interested

  • Les Lawtey says:

    Hi there people, since the very first time I saw Deadliest Catch many many moons ago I’ve wanted to do that very job, I’ve been searching on here to see if they are any but I just keep going round in circles to where I started, So if anyone knows of any jobs that are available I would really appreciate the help, suppose I should put a little about myself, I’m a very hard worker and I’m not afraid of any new challenges so to speak, I’m from United Kingdom, Northeast of England and probably the coldest part of the UK but nothing like Alaska, I’ve worked outside in the construction industry for about 25/30 years so I’m not afraid of hard manual work, as I’ve always wanted to do this but I had a young family so it wouldn’t have been very nice leaving the kids and Mrs on their own, but now they have grown up and left home to start their own family, and I have sadly split with my partner, so now this is my ideal chance to do this, got no ties now and I really do want to be a deckhand on one of those crab boats, if anybody can help me in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me
    My email address 1leslawtey221@gmail.com

    Phone number is +44 07727 082741
    Thank you very much

  • Mohamed says:

    I have been wanting to do crab fishing for a long time since I started watching the TV show I have no experience but am a fast learner and a hard worker I would love to meet new friends and catch some big crab

  • Cole Nesloney says:

    I am seeking work on a offshore fishing vessel


  • Joshua Scherl says:

    Dear Captains,
    My name is Josh, and I am a hard worker. I can work countless hours on end with no fatigue. I have been fishing my entire life, and it’s my time of peace. I want to give commercial crabbing a crack. My dream is to own my own farm. It’s been taking me forever to do so, so I figured I want to do some high risk high reward work. I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I have tremendous balance, and I’m quick on my feet. I’m 37, but feel I’m in the same shape I was when 25. I’m part Italian, and my grandma from Italy taught me to cook when I was five. I’ve been in the kitchen professionally for a decade. Even the worse of times I try to make the best of times. I always try to keep other spirts up no matter what. Thank you for your time if you read this. 9735255961. Sincerely,
    Josh Scherl

  • Timothy Lewis and Alyssa Lewis says:

    Hello my name is Timothy me and my wife Alyssa are interested in coming to Alaska.We would like some job leads and information on how to get to Alaska.We would like to work on shore.

    Please contact us at 3179220006 thanks.or email us at lovewildnfree1991@gmail.com

  • Ryan Estell says:

    Looking for any job that involves crab fishing. I’m 18 I currently change tires for a living and just started to work on cars in my spare time. Hard work is all I’ve known I want a change of pace I’m so bored having a normal job it’s too repetitive and I know I could do more.

  • Chad berry says:

    My name is chad berry am 35 and a very good hard worker..i am 272bls and 6 foot 3in and love hard work..i am not above any job u have as long as i can make money to feed my family i from nc but willing to travel were ever i am need to.God bless and hope to here from u

  • kerrion morgan says:

    Hi my name is kerrion morgan I’m 38 and have a life long passion of venturing into the fishing industry in Alaska in the capacity of a seafood processor.I am a hard working Jamaican and will be able to start working at your request. Thank you.

  • derrick zio says:

    looking for employment as a fisherman

  • Luca Airoldi says:

    I am from Italy and would like to come to Alaska and work in the Fisher industry. I am a motivated worker but with no experience in this sector. If there is someone interested write me. Thanks

  • Joseph Hatmaker says:

    I’m 35 years old hard work is all I’ve known I’ve done construction all my life the last five years I’ve been in electrical work I have no kids living with family at the moment going out for months at a time is no problem I have nothing here holding me back just looking for a better future for myself you can call me at (865)773-4943 or email me at joseph_hatmaker@yahoo.com thank you

  • Derwin Robinson says:

    I was raised by a decorated united states Marine and have lived worked and traveled to many different countries states and climates and can adapt to anything I have a great work ethic im punctual determined and aggressive about completeing any and all tasks. I am unable to quite because quite and cant aren’t words that exist in my vocabulary. Contact me if you want a guy who can follow instructions and fulfill tasks in a timely satisfactory manner.

  • Brandon Joe Couch says:

    I’m looking for a job as a deckhand my number is 6183132579

  • I an a hard working self motivated 27 year old man.. I would love to work on a fishing vessel give me a shot you want be disappointed call 6786038729

  • ORLANDO says:

    Hey am currently 17 I live in NJ I would like to move to Alaska and work on a crab boat for the next 5to7 years i am about to be 18 in a couple months i need a job that i can make a decent living off of I am from south America but i live in NJ I dont mind working hard I am still young and its better to work hard know to have a better life I dont do drugs not really my style and I am a great hard working lad who would love to make a living crab fishing in The bering sea I would do the spring and winter season.

  • Ethan Hall says:

    Hi my name is Ethan Hall. Me and 5 associates are looking for work as deckhands in Alaska. We are all 20 years old and grew up crabbing in Maryland. We all have highschool diplomas and 2 years of college completed. We are looking for work in any type of fishing. We work well together but splitting us up is not an issue. We are all ready to work hard. For more information give me a call at 6788487546.

  • Scott says:

    Hello iam 35yrs old currently make really good money working fulltime in the corrugated industry building cutting dies. I am considering a change if I could support my family more let me know what a Fisherman would make in a season please thankyou

  • Julio says:

    I would love to work as a deckhand it is my passion I love boat I have three kids to take care of and when it comes to work I get down and dirty I’m not to go to work and I will help do what I have to do just give me the chance and opportunity and I can demonstrate everything I know how to do thank you for your time that you took out of your time to read this Have a good day

  • Richard Putney says:

    I m a hard worker. I want to do something different. Crabbing is my thing. Maintenance. An plumming. Welding too.

  • Don Acosta says:

    Experience is what I have. 3 years out on the Bering Sea and 3 years working on land in processing plants. Working at sea I have experience as a deck hand, and factory processor. On land I have experience as a factory processor in a few working areas. For more information and questions contact me at acostadon07@gmail.com or acostadon94@gmail.com. willing to pay for my own air far to Alaska.

  • Hello, I’m Nathaniel. 24 of Oregon. Small town, farm boy from Newport Oregon. 5 years experience on tuna boats, 3 years crab fishing for Dungies. Ready to step up the game to the real industry. Mechanical savvy, engine mechanics are my strong suit. Problem solving, Jerry rigging, ingenuity and quick thinking is my suit. Familiar with electrical panels, voltage meters, plumbing, carpentry, just a young buck ready to grind. No drugs, no alcohol problems. Ready to hit the ground running. Thank you for the time to read this. .

  • Keith Edward(KET) Taylor the third says:

    Hello my name is Keith Taylor I go by KET I was seeking seasonal on Deck fisherman jobs crab fisherman like the ones I seen on TV. I would like to be a deckhand or a crewman if that’s what you call it. I believe this would be a perfect job for me I’m strong I’m limber I’m very knowledgeable about everything if I’m not knowledgeable about it I’m a quick learner I’m a laborer physical kind of guy. I will follow all safety protocol have a great work ethic. I like to keep myself busy I’m not afraid of heights I’m not afraid of danger I’m willing to wait till summer or if I could get a job sooner that would be great I’m doing this for my kids to get a jump start on my life I’m 28 I have a 2 year old a 10 year old and a nine-year-old I’m a team worker I have great communication I can stay focused if it’s possible give me a call on my number 619-484-6084 thank you have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas

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