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Getting a Job!

If there’s one thing we know about it’s the Alaska job market, especially employment in the Alaskan fishing industry. We let adventurous job seekers in on the big secrets:

  • Who the employers are
  • When to look for jobs
  • What working in the Alaska fishing and seafood industry is really like
  • Where the jobs are
  • How to apply
Alaskan fishing boat photos

Find Jobs in Port

The more information about the industry you know the better off you are. Armed with knowledge it’s easier to confidently apply and interview for positions in the seafood industry.

The state of Alaska and employers in the seafood business want people to know: “These jobs aren’t for people with weak knees and a faint heart!”

True enough for sure. Generally speaking, when the fishing’s going hot and heavy, the hours can be long, the working conditions wet and the work utterly monotonous.

But for those who can gut it out (no pun intended) there is a possibility of nice rewards in the form of overtime pay and potential production bonuses. On the next couple of pages we give you an Alaska Job Search Strategy, and a year-round Fishing Seasons Calendar

Whether you’re looking for a summer job between May and September or something in the winter or year-round, there are job possibilities to pursue.

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