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– An Unforgettable Adventure
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– No Previous Experience Required for Many Positions
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– Alaska cruise ship and tourism employment, too!

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Dutch Harbor – The Hub for Winter Alaska Fisheries Jobs

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Dutch Harbor Fish Processing PhotoAlthough there are fishing industries jobs in many other towns in Alaska during the winter, Dutch Harbor is definitely the hub of activity as the town supports many of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Island fisheries.

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  • Kevin natal says:

    I have work for two year has procesing fish and being supervisor i being on the dock case up runing procesing i would like to go and work for you guys doing this winter my phone is 606 307 1413

  • Joe Mallard says:

    Hi I’m Joe Mallard, I like to fish and am a good fisherman, E-mail me with the high paying jobs and I’ll apply.

  • Willie says:

    I would love be part this great team. I’m from Fresno CA. I’m very ready to work next yr if Lord bless.

  • Daniel kinnick says:

    Hi I’m looking for work as a deckhand (greenhorn). Please reach out to me if you need a good hardworking 36 yr old male. Saltylife14@gmail.com

  • Terry Christensen says:

    Im an experienced salmon fishermen i have been gillneting in Bristol bay for 5 years and im from bristol bay im looking for a winter fishing job I am not experienced on anything other then a 32ft drift boat but I want to learn about other fisheries im 21 my number 9073128221

  • Patrick says:

    Hi. Looking for a few good off road 4x4ers a once in a lifetime from Talkeetna to Nome Alaska we will follow the sled dogs by 3 days your be carrying your own fuel for a thousand mile trip. This is not a race but history in the making all will jump in to help a guy in trouble All will come in together. Mudgripping shut kick in tires a must plus chainsaws tow straps and comalongs other things added later

  • I would like asst chief engineer job this year I was on the bearing sea the year before they made the show deadly catch as a asst chief engineer

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