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– Great Earning Potential!
– Beautiful Alaska Scenery
– Meet New Friends
– An Unforgettable Adventure
– Male or Female
– No Previous Experience Required for Many Positions
– Seasonal or Year-round Positions
– Alaska cruise ship and tourism employment, too!

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Alaska Job Strategy

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Alaska Seafood Industry Workers

After you have read through some of the sections on AlaskaFishingJobsNetwork and learned about the Alaska fishing industry and about the different job opportunities in the the Alaska fishing industry, we recommend you read our Alaska Fishing Industry Job Strategy Section to learn about how to actually line up a job in the Alaska fishing industry.

We also have a Alaska Fishing Seasons Calendar which will help you decide which fisheries to pursue work in based on your schedule.

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  • Austin Pendleton says:

    I was a crabber in Virginia for 3 years. Florida I work on a shrimp boat for a year the crab boat was called the Deborah had it was about 15 years ago think I could still do it. Like to try deckhand or bait boy not too scared of the really cautious. Thanks for your consideration would love to have the job sign holder guy but got the heart

  • William pollard says:

    Need to be catching king crab hard worker call 6786038727

  • Anthony says:

    Truly what will it take to get job I have what it takes and risks does not scare me.how much do I need to come and when and what part

  • Zac says:

    Im a 32 yr old construction worker looking to try out the fishing industry I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my foot in the door and prove myself from there. Just need an opportunity please contact me at (765)625-0468 with any information

  • Arvis says:

    I have 6 years of experience in vivier crabs. I love this job. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t use drugs. I have sea tickets. I’m looking for a job . If you need a good worker. Let me know.I love this job..I want to catch a king crab … This is my dream ….. My number is +37127306011

  • James Landreth says:

    Hello. My dream is to be a king crab fisherman. I have a lot of heart for this job. 928-279-4220

  • Jason Short says:

    Hi I live in the the Falkland Islands, I have done 15 years on squid boats, and love to have a new Challenge. Would really like to give carding a go.

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