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Other Alaska Jobs

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Kenai Lodge

While the Alaska Seafood Industry is one of the most popular ways to earn money in Alaska, it certainly isn’t the only seasonal or available industry job in Alaska.

Working on cruise ships that sail Alaskan waters as well as working for wilderness lodges and hotels, in national parks, are all viable job opportunities that present themselves in Alaska seasonally.

More specifically, here are other types of jobs one can look into for the summer or even as careers:

  • Land-based tour guide jobs: take tourists coming off cruise ships to salmon bakes, on tours of museums, historic sites, and bear watching excursions.
  • Rail tours: Several large companies that operate seasonally in Alaska operate railway tours, and they recruit thousands of people to fill all kinds of jobs.
  • Harbor cruises: Many of the cruise ships coming through Alaskan ports during the summer are huge floating cities. But there are also small, locally oriented cruises that take passengers to see glaciers, whales, and other sites around the many islands and harbors of Alaska’s Southeast region.
  • Hospitality workers: There simply aren’t enough people in many of Alaska’s small towns to fill all the summer jobs available. Operators of hotels and lodges recruit far and wide for personnel to fill housekeeping, seasonal cooking, front desk, bartending, and many other hospitality industry positions.
  • Guides: Fishing and hunting guide services, including lodges, need people. It goes without saying that some level of experience is needed to be a fishing or hunting guide but there’s no place better to work.
  • More Jobs: Alaska also draws people to work in its oil and gas industry, the charter fishing business, and much more.

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